Doc-Docx to Jpeg Converter 3000

Doc-Docx to Jpeg Converter 3000

Convert Word documents to JPEG images with this utility
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This program can convert MS Word files (DOC and DOCX) into JPEG images in a fast and easy way. You only need to select the file(s) you want to convert, push the 'Convert' button, and the program does the rest. You can adjust several of the program's settings, such as the output folder, the format of the resulting file (JPEG or JPG), the size of the resulting image, and more. Also, you can add an entire folder, and the program will detect the Word files contained in it to convert them into images.

All the avobe sounds pretty good, but in my personal opinion, there isn't a lot of use to this program. Why would someone want to convert an editable Word file into an image, which can be modified only with more specialized programs? I cannot think of one single practical use for this type of conversion. Nevertheless, if the program exists, then it may be useful for some people.

The shareware version of the program only performs a basic conversion of a document and adds a watermark with the developer's URL, while the complete version has more functions. Thus, if you want to use the program at its full capacity, then you will need to purchase a license.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Easy to use
  • Fast conversion speed


  • Limited utility
  • Not very affordable
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